NPC Full Name: Anastasiya Vasilyeva

                Born Name:  Anastasiya Dominique Savoyard


Family Statistics:

    Father:  Jacques Philippe Savoyard (1757 - 1789) 32 yrs old

        Notes: Suicide/Murdered in 1789.

    Mother:  Kseniya Vasilyeva (1759 - 1789) 30 yrs old

        Notes: Suicide/Murdered in 1789.

    NPC: Anastasiya Vasilyeva (Anastasiya Dominique Savoyard) March 2nd (1779-1797) 18 yrs old (1797 - 2007) 210 yrs undead

    No known living family members.



   Retainer: Jean Pierre Boulanger – Family friend born 1755.  Ghoul in 1820 (65 yrs old)

    Child hood friend: Marisa Julie Boulanger (1779 - 1789) - Murdered.

    Friend: Dug Rat (real name unknown) (1780 - ????)  - Lost contact.

    Friend: Peter (1777 – 1793) – Stabbed in the back.

    Friend: le Ciron (The Mite) (1788 - ????) - Lost contact.

    Acquaintance: Monique (1778 – 1796) – Later a Harlot and murdered by a customer.


After Embrace:

    Sire/Mentor: Mondemoiseau Corentin d’Cholet

                Note: Mondemoiseau is a more archaic form of the French word Monsieur or Mr.



    Major Contact:

    Major Contact:

    Acquaintance: Vladimir

    Acquaintance: Bairn Ambrose Kane




Jacques was a painter and a poet who while in Paris in the spring of 1776 had wooed and won the hand of ballerina Kseniya Vasilyeva.  Kseniya and her parents had come to Paris years before when she was a child.  Jacques had fallen in love instantly with Kseniya and wrote many poems exemplifying her grace and beauty.  After their marriage Kseniya quit the ballet and move with Jacques back to his small home in Fontainebleau.  They lived a simple but happy life living off the paintings and poems Jacques could sell.  Three years later Anastasiya was born in 1779 and was named after Kseniya’s grandmother.  That same year Jacques best friend Jean Pierre Boulanger and his wife had their daughter Marisa.  As the two girls grew up they were as close as sisters.  Ana would often stay over at “uncle” Jean’s to be with her best friend Marisa.  In their tenth year, one day the two girls had been out picking flowers well into the evening.  As night began to fall the two said their goodbyes to each other and scurried home.  When Anastasiya arrived home the house was dark save for the little light from cook fire in the kitchen.  By the dim light it shed into the front room she could see her parents lying on the floor next to each other.  She tried hard, but papa and momma would not wake up.  Several times she tried to shake them awake until one time she placed her hand on her papa’s chest and her had came back bloodied.  In sudden terror the little girl ran and hid beneath the kitchen table.  When the constabulary showed up the next morning, they found a very frightened little girl hugging one of the table’s legs.  Anastasiya could not understand what they were saying at the time, though in later years she never believed what had been said.  At the time it was believed that her parents had committed suicide together.  A lovers pact that would have included the child if she had been home.  As she heard it the police had also found Jean, his wife and their daughter dead that very same night.  Upon these words Anastasiya ran out the door slipping past the police before anyone noticed or could stop her.  Anastasiya could never say what really happened in the coming days.  She would walk as far as her young legs could carry her and the fall down exhausted and crying for her lost family.  Somehow by some twist of fate or luck starving and tired she ended up in Paris.


The next few years were never pleasant, but she was not alone.  Shortly after coming to Paris while stealing some bread from a marked stall she met a group of street urchins.  After a time Dug Rat, Peter, le Ciron, and Monique became her new family.  Monique and Anastasiya were never close as Ana was already starting to grow into a beautiful girl and the three boys always seemed to pay a little more attention to her.  Le Ciron especially treated, the only slightly older Ana almost as if she were his mother.  The five of them lived off of what they could swindle and steal.  Though this was the time of the French Revolution and thing were often dangerous for everyone let alone a few kids in the streets.  Sneaking in the alleys of Paris to find food and shelter was no mean feat for a group of children. 


Five years passed, Monique was becoming more and more jealous of Anastasiya’s beauty and decided she needed to do something about it.  Her plan was simple, to take her rival down a peg and teach Anastasiya her proper place.  Winter had come and saying she had found a good place for them to shelter from the snow for the night she led them toward an even meaner side of town.  Knowing she could lead them past a den of cutthroats, thieves, and rapists she figured human nature would take care of itself when they spotted the young Anastasiya.  As planned their passage did not go unnoticed and as they passed an alley the human wolves went after the doe.  Their actions did not go unnoticed and the boys attempted to come to Anastasiya’s rescue while Monique took the opportunity to run.  Peter was the first to come to her aid and bawled over one of her assailants.  As he turned to help the other boys attacking the man trying to drag Ana into another alley the man he knocked over came up with a knife and stabbed Peter in the vitals killing him instantly.  The only sound that came from Peter was a little sigh as he fell to the ground.  The other boys yelled at Ana to run and too scared to think she did just that as fast as she could.  Finally after running for what seemed forever tearful and frightened she fell sobbing in a door way, once more alone.  After a time the door suddenly opened, it seems hearing the constant noise the houses occupant came to investigate.  Appalled at first looking at a pile of rags on the door step the home’s owner, fighting her weak attempts, brought her inside setting her next to the fire.  Warily she watched as the figure moved in the dimness of the kitchen and after a few moments they brought her some tea.  At her first glimpse of him he looked like a kindly man, neither too old nor too young, with a face that seemed to put her immediately at ease.  While sitting there warm and seemingly safe for the first time since her parent’s death little Ana feel asleep.


In the days that followed she learned that Mondemoiseau Corentin d’Cholet was actually a painter like her father.  Though he admitted that sometimes he took a turn upon the stage as an actor as well.  Mondemoiseau d’Cholet agreed to allow her to stay and learn from him in exchange for painting her in portraits and her occasional help at the theater.  Since he often worked the theater Corentin’s waking hours were spent in the night.  Ana was allowed to come and go during the day, but she was told she must never disturb his sleep.  Over the next three years Ana continued to grow into a beautiful woman.  She became an accomplished, if not well sold painter, and enjoyed her time in Paris now.  However she was never able to find her friends and let them know she was safe.  If some nights made her a bit more sad thinking of all the things she lost it was to be expected, but over time the hurt became a little less.


In the winter of her 18th year Mondemoiseau Corentin d’Cholet offered her the chance to stay young and beautiful forever.  Unsure what he meant, but trusting her second father she allowed him to turn her.