Family Statistics:

    Father: Jonathan Kane (1925 - 1983) 58 yrs old

        Notes: Lieutenant Colonel in WWII from middle class family.  Met Yana near the end of the war.  Died of heart attack.

    Mother: Yana Petrova (1928 - 1989) 61yrs old

        Notes: Unknown Russian ballerina at the time they meet.  Defected and Married Jonathan.  Later continued ballet in New York.  Natural causes in her sleep.

    Character: Bairn Ambrose Kane (1960 - 1984) 22 yrs old (1984 - 2006) 22 yrs undead


    No known living family members.



    Numerous Tutors: Names and whereabouts unknown.

    Aikido Master: Tony Eriksson - Died of heart attack 1992

    College Friend: Kimberly Langston - Died in car wreck December 30, 1982

    College Friend: Roderick Langston - Died in car wreck December 30, 1982

    College Friend: Anthony Daniels - Died in car wreck December 30, 1982

    College Acquaintance: Bartholomew Haughton - unknown



    Sire: Vladimir Kovář

    Acquaintance: Anastasiya Vasilyev 

    Mentor: Edward Ackart



Near the end of World War II, one Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Kane met a young Yana Petrova who at the time was a little known ballerina with a Russian ballet troupe.  She defected and returned to the states with Jonathan were they were shortly married.  Jonathan went to work for the family’s small newspaper company on the Board of Directors.  Yana joined the New York ballet a few years later when it opened in 1948.  Though happily married they were unable to have any children for many years. 


After many miscarriages they finally had their son Bairn Ambrose Kane in November 7, 1960.  Born premature Bairn was very sickly as a child.  Due to his continued illness and his weak constitution he was unable to attend public schools and had to be tutored at home.  This left him very much alone and lonely and unused to dealing with social situations. Studies of classical literature and languages kept him company during most of his young life.  Finding a knack for languages he learned to speak Russian, Latin, Greek, and Slavic.  In 1970 the family business was sold.  While the sale did not leave them rich by any means it did leave them well off enough that his father could retire at the age of 45.


Though always very weak as Bairn got into his early teens he was able to leave home for short excursions.  In 1973 he saw “Enter the Dragon” and was amazed by the martial arts shown in the movie.  After much pleading his parents gave in and found an instructor Tony Eriksson, who was the pupil of Japanese Master in the art of Aikido.  The less stressful, often sedate and clam teachings of the form of Aikido he taught allowed him to slowly build his body to better health. 


It was a very different young man his good buys were said too when his instructor left in 1979.  While still never physically strong he had developed great flexibility and endurance due to the years of Aikido practice and likely some inherited talent from his mother.  That same year finally being healthy enough to do so he attended college at the prestigious Yale University.  This led to the best years of his life and he made his first friends Kimberly Langston, her brother Roderick Langston, and their friend Anthony Daniels.  After a few missteps, which can sometimes happen, they became good friends.  This was not the case however of Bartholomew Haughton who always thought of Bairn as a rival for Kimberly's potential affection though the two had never been involved.   While Bairn's relationship with Kimberly was lightly flirtatious they were only friends.  His three friends while on their way back home for Christmas were involved in a tragic car accident.  Their car was side swiped causing them to spin out of control and into on coming traffic.  The passenger side was hit by an oncoming truck killing Roderick instantly.  Anthony died on the way to the hospital.  Kimberly died a few hours later at the hospital.  His father's death less than a month later caused him to leave school. 


At a cross roads in his life Bairn decided to travel Europe.  His travels took him to Ireland, Britain, France, Sweden, and Austria.  On foot when he could travel as such he would often stop at some little known places and other not so little.  His travels eventually led him to the Austrian town of Vienna where he spent a few months resting from his long journey.  Eventually leaving Vienna he did so at an inopportune time getting lost in the dark and snow when he ended up in mountain ranges along the Austria/Czech/Slovakia border where he was picked up by a traveler that would change his life for a third time.


Vladimir Kovář said to he had been headed to a party in Trnava when he spotted Bairn walking along the road.  Vladimir offered to take him to Trnava where he could wait out the storm.  The two talked for the 2 hour drive it took them to get to there.  Both found the other to be well read in the classics, though Bairn was privately impressed with how much more Vladimir seemed to actually know.  When they finally reached Trnava, though Vladimir invited him to join him at the party he was going to, Bairn found himself too tired and travel worn.  He politely refused but agreed to stop by some other night if he stayed for long in town.  A few nights later he went to the home unsurprised to find that calling it a home was an understatement.  For who else, but the well off would continue to have a party several nights in a row.  The house looked more to be a mansion and an architectural example of older times.  Giving Vladimir’s name he was allowed to enter the party.  From the inside it looked more like a club than a home.  The low lights made it a bit hard to make out everything that was going on, but he did manage to find Vladimir after some time.  This pattern went on for several nights with Bairn returning often.  He had not been in this situation before and found the mood and atmosphere of the place interesting.  One night he found Vladimir talking with a beautiful woman who was introduced as Anastasiya Vasilyev.  Bairn came to find out Anastasiya was the owner of the house.  Rather entranced by this ravishing beauty he found himself stuttering a bit.  Anastasiya fairly purred when she met him.  Bairn had not really taken note of his own looks before, but unbeknownst to him she found him rather appealing.  His added innocence to this fact had her hunger rising.  Vladimir, slightly amused by this fact, made an excuse and steered her off into the party coming back later with the fact that Anastasiya had to step out for the moment.


This went off and on for several weeks.  The “party” would be held for several nights and then, strangely, no one could be found for several nights until the “party” started up again.  Vladimir found it harder and harder to keep Anastasiya away from Bairn, for what does a pretty vampire like more than anything but the find of something beautiful for the moment.  He also began to find her to becoming very annoying about it all.  For various reasons he had been trying to make a better alliance with her to cement his own power in the region, so he put up with her current infatuation.  One night she mentioned that she was thinking about petitioning to actually take Bairn as a child, an often very long process.  Vladimir himself had just recently been given permission to create a child of his own though it was strange in that he had not found someone suitable and normally would have been denied until he had an actual candidate.  He figured he had been allowed to do so under the condition he showed his “appreciation” later in helping with whatever plots the prince had later.  Finally totally annoyed as he couldn’t get her to talk business he figured he would end this once and for all.  Figuring she would get over it quicker if Bairn was no longer in the picture one way or another he took matters into his own hands.  Vladimir admitted to himself that from his talks with Bairn that the young man might make a fine addition to the Brujah clan (or a rather annoying one if of the Anastasiya's clan).  So deciding one night Vladimir got him drunk and offered to take him back to the hostel.  Talking a drunk into something is rather quite easy once you get the hang of it even if the choice is strangely presented as becoming supper or a receiving “new look on…life”.


So Bairn became the newest child of the clan and Anastasiya didn’t get over it.  It wasn’t that she felt she had some undying love for Bairn or something.  She was upset her potential pretty toy got taken away.  Things fell out between Anastasiya and Vladimir after that though in later night she would still be found talking with Bairn from time to time.  Bairn for his part, once he got sober and realized the fact he no longer had a choice, came to terms with his new life.  After teaching Bairn what he needed to know, Vladimir left him to himself often unless he had some task he needed his child to handle to leave him time for “more important tasks”.  One task turned out to be of great advantage to Bairn.  It seemed that his bloodline hand an agreement with an ancient of their line to every few years and in each new generation they would meet him at a designated place.  Vladimir had met the elder himself the last time, but as the time was coming again and Bairn knew enough he would be the one to meet him.  The location was in the Czech Republic at the site of an old dilapidated inn found in the forest.


At the appointed time Bairn went to the location given to him by his sire.  At one time the inn had been a large two story structure, but a fire at sometime and the plants had reduced it mostly to rubble.  Cautiously entering this structure that look like it might fall on him at any moment Bairn entered to wait for the elder.  Rather to his surprise though he found him waiting for him and even more surprising it was in a quaint room that seemed to miss the destruction of the rest of the inn.  Rather than the fear he expected to feel at meeting an elder that might see him as far as he knew as much of a snack as any human, he felt at ease.  They talked well into the night and the elder left the room to Bairn for the day taking himself away to somewhere else for his rest. As with every road thus far, this was another of a string of night that repeated themselves.  For his own reason the elder like this newest child of his bloodline in the clan and began sharing some of his own vast knowledge with him.  After a time Bairn went back to his sire, but after only a short time back he was told to make himself available to help with the tasks the elder had.  Over the intervening years Bairn did task for the elder that were of helped him gain more knowledge of his own and forced him to pick up a few skills he never thought he would need.  One of these tasks years later took him to the Island of Oahu.


- Excerpt from the "Annuls of the Blood" by Sorwen