NPC Full Name: Sir Edward Ackart

Family Statistics:

    Father: Lord Ackart (1539 - 1566) 27 yrs old

        Notes: Died in hunting accident

    Mother: Lady Ackart (1543 – 1576) 33 yrs old

        Notes: Died of disease

    NPC: Edward Ackart (1560 – 1600) 40 yrs old (1600 – 2007) 407 yrs undead


    No known living family members.



    Numerous Tutors: Names and whereabouts unknown.

    Aikido Master: Tony Eriksson - Died of heart attack 1992

    College Friend: Kimberly Langston - Died in car wreck December 30, 1982

    College Friend: Roderick Langston - Died in car wreck December 30, 1982

    College Friend: Anthony Daniels - Died in car wreck December 30, 1982

    College Acquaintance: Bartholomew Haughton - unknown





    Major Contact:

    Acquaintance: Mariya Aznabaev

    Protégé: Bairn Kane



Edward Ackart was born to Lord and Lady Ackart in Briton during the year 1560.  Lord Ackart was a minor noble seen often in the court of Queen Elizabeth I.  Edward was treated and pampered as any child in that age.  While an only child and with no cousins to play with he was able to make a few friends with some of the other children at court.  In his 6th year his father was killed in a hunting accident when he fell from his horse.  Lady Ackart’s father was appointed to hold Edward’s estate until he came of age. 


Durning the following years Edward was given the best education of his time.  He sent to boarding school where he found a great aptitude for study, enjoying his time at school making a few friends while there.  It was unfortunate that his mother was to die due to Tuberculosis in his 16th year.  When Edward came in to his majority at 18 he began the task of running his holding.  This was not an arduous task since the holding was very small.  This left him enough time to continue his studies and so continue he did. 


Throughout the following years his life was fairly normal and for the next 10 years he spent his time between his studies, taking care of the holding, and life at court.  He met many people at court and eventual met the woman who would be his wife.  They had a short court ship, but all felt that they were right for each other.  This made it even more tragic when unfortunately she would die in child birth along with the child only a handful of years after their marriage.  Refusing to even contemplate marriage again Edward spent many years alone often locked in his study withdrawing almost completely from court.


By the age of 40 the years had seemed to have taken an even greater toll on Edward.  The courtier’s tongues were much a wag about the disposition of his holding.  Since he had no heirs upon his death the hold would revert to the crown and some of the lesser nobles and second sons at court hope to named to the holdings.  This is why many thought fowl play was involved when Edward died on his way to court and the subsequent robbing of his grave.  If this was the case however none were sure then why someone then burned down his home afterwards.


What they were not privy to was that Edward had met and made close friends with one of the kindred and agreed to become his ghoul and later one of the kindred in his own right.  They had left for his sire’s estates in the region of Prague and felt it was better for Edward to “die” allowing him to be free from any of his responsibilities in England.  After a few years Edward’s sire made him privy to a secret hideaway in the forests of Prague.  Stashed away deep beneath the ruins of an Inn hidden in the middle of a forest was a vast library.  He was then told of a pact with one of the elders of their bloodline.  They were to collect knowledge of both kindred and kind and add it to this library.  The library itself was to be kept totally a secret and known only to the next chronicler who must be chosen from a descended child of that elder.  Edward jumped at this chance and continues to spend his years there.


Year later never having no child of his own and no wish to embrace one he tried to make one Vladimir Kovář, a descendent of one of the elder’s other child, the next keeper.  Vladimir though much interested in learning never wished to spend most of his time in “this moldy crypt”.  Edward continued to wait and luckily found a willing candidate in Vladimir’s child Bairn Ambrose Kane.


- Excerpt from the "Annuls of the Blood" by Sorwen