NPC Full Name: Vladimir KovŠř


Family Statistics:

    Father:  Yuri KovŠř (1894 - 1959) 65 yrs old

        Notes: Died in sleep.

    Mother:  Ol'ga KovŠř (1899 - 1956) 57 yrs old

        Notes: Died of Stroke.

    NPC: Vladimir KovŠř (1924-1952) 28 yrs old (1952 - 2007) 55 yrs undead


Other Family:

    First Cousin Twice Removed: Oksana KovŠř

††††††††††††††† Notes: Never met.



    Friend: Boris Ekomov (1924 - ????) Ė Presumed dead.


After Embrace:

    Sire: Mariya Aznabaev

                Note: Alive, but whereabouts unknown.

    Acquaintance: Anastasiya Vasilyeva

    Child: Bairn Ambrose Kane




Vladimir KovŠř the only child of Yuri and Olíga KovŠř born in the port town of Dikson, Russia.Vladimir had a fairly normal child hood.His father Yuri and Uncle Dmitry were part owners of KovŠř Shipping.He and his best friend Boris Ekomov spent their years growing up in this small town.While Boris was content to grow and spend the rest of his life in Dikson, Vladimir wished nothing more than to leave this tiny town whose total population was less than 1000 people.While Yuri disapproved of his sonís decision he still agreed t allow Vladimir to attend College abroad.

Vladimir studied at the University of Zurich to get his bachelorís in Theology.During the day Vladimir studied, soaking in every bit of knowledge he could.Vladimir spent his night making up for lost time.Going to parties, clubs, taking in all the night life Zurich had to offer.It was one such night at one of the jazz clubís Vladimir frequented that he met Mariya Aznabaev.The two began speaking a everything from philosophy to theology.No matter what they talked about Mariya would never mention anything about her life other than to admit she had been born in Russia.They would have long discussions throughout the night, but every time well before sunrise Mariya would excuse herself.All of this led Vladimir to be more and more obsessed with her and who she really was.

One night, well over a year after the two had met, Vladimir couldnít stand the mystery anymore and secretly followed Mariya.As she was walking down one of the many dimly light streets, another traveler stopped her.Vladimir couldnít tell for certain, but it seemed he was trying to hit on her.Thinking he might come to her rescue he suddenly stopped instead as she seemed to take him up on the offer.Perplexed, and if he admitted to himself a little hurt, Vladimir elected to follow the two.Mariya had never struck him as the type to do something like this, but he had to admit that since she never really talked about herself she might very well enjoy this.After a little distance more laughing the two back into an alley.Creeping up silently as possibleto the mouth of the alley he peered into its dim recesses, but they had moved well down it and he could make out nothing from here.He moved carefully down the alley until he could peer around a dumpster.They were only slightly further down the alley from him when hear some Mariya moaning.Disgusted he started to turn away when she suddenly looked over her shoulder and asked him if he wished to join her.Vladimir stood suddenly and made apologies saying he hadnít meant to interfere in her sex life.Turning further around with a sultry smile on her lips she explained to him he misunderstood.At first he didnít notice the blood red of her lips, nor the glazed look of the man with that same blood running slightly from slowly closing wounds on his neck.Mariya seemed more alive, more sexual than he had ever seen her.As she sauntered up to him he suddenly noticed the blood.Becoming apprehensive he started to back away from her, but she suddenly moved quickly trapping him against the wall.Being a big man he thought he could easily over power her.†† Shoving up against her was more like trying to move a brick wall rather than 120 pound female.She chuckled throatily and pressed herself up against him.In spite of what was happening Vladimir became aroused.Mariya whispered in his ear that he had two choices.He could either feed her more and then be made to forget her or he could join her.She had allowed him to follow her in the hopes to lure into a kiss.Slightly maddened with lust and unable to think past no longer seeing her he agreed.That night he became one of the Kindred forever to walk the night.

They continued to enjoy one anotherís company, but as Vladimir leaned the desires of one of the Kindred is not the same as with the Kind.She could still intrigue his mind, but he now lusted for warm blood not a womanís body.As the years continued Mariya began absenting herself more and more.Vladimir for himself on learning more about Kindred society began trying to make allies in the hopes of securing himself a safer position in the Camarilla.One day he received a note from Mariya asking Vladimir to join her in Vienna as she had me some people he might want to meet.

This lean him to meeting Anastasiya and her sire and to his attempts to make an alliance with the two.As well as eventually taking a child of his own, a young man by the name Bairn Kane.


- Excerpt from the "Annuls of the Blood" by Sorwen