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Welcome to sorwen.com!! Your happy to be here....wait I'm happy to be here. No that isn't it. I'm happy your happy to be here!!!

Just take your shoes off and keep your feat to your self. This site is dedicated to my Internet persona Sorwen. Well Internet, video game, PnP games, Renaissance Fair Persona, etc. Any time I don't use my name it is Sorwen. In point of fact I've even had my friends call me Sorwen. So whether your a friend or an enemy welcome to my site and just call me mud....Oh wait Sorwen.

This site is broken up in to various sub site all depending on what I want to inflict on you the visitor. My big past times right now are anime, games, fencing, and SCUBA. Though right now I have no plans to talk about SCUBA. Please look around and read my FAQ for important information.


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